Maadhyam - A growth catalyst with infinite possibilities

Maadhyam, first of its kind middleware platform to build and grow an ecosystem of Lenders, Industry Aggregators, and SMEs. By bringing all three stakeholders on a single platform, Maadhyam will reduce the credit gap and bring in financial inclusion among SMEs across India.

Maadhyam provides an end-to-end solution to enhance the customizable lending experience for small and mid-size businesses in India. It will bring automation and analytics to the lender-borrower equation to empower sustainable and risk-free growth among all partners.

Maadhyam envisions helping SMEs across India to become Aatmanirbhar and contribute more strongly to the overall growth of the economy.

Future is now with Maadhyam

Dependable Technology

Dependable technology

Simple, Systematic, and Device agnostic

Automated Underwriting

Automated underwriting

Super speeds the loan processes

Power-packed  Technology

Power-packed technology

Backed with AI-ML to create a seamless user experience

Holistic Growth for all

Holistic Growth for all

Simple self-serve onboarding for Aggregators and Lenders



Competitive access to credit for SMEs

Maadhyam- a one-stop solution for all

Maadhyam for Lenders

As a lending institution, you come across a lot of problems today like difficulty in maintaining NPAs, limited loan portfolio size, high cost of operations, and unable to get a complete overview of your business operations.

Maadhyam, a holistic platform, provides YOU with an opportunity to scale your lending network with minimal risk. We provide you with an automated underwriting functionality that reduces the credit turnaround time of your operational expenses considerably.

Maadhyam guarantees improved efficiency and sustainable growth to you with:

More digital loan origination

More digital loan origination - 4X increase in prospects availing loans and 360-degree view of the business vertical.

Minimize the credit

Minimize the credit and data gap- 100% reduction in the loan underwriting process with 50% reduction in frauds.

Improved unit economics

Improved unit economics with reduced cost of operations – 75% Reduced TAT for loan origination with high-quality leads and low discovery cost.

Maadhyam for Industry Aggregators

In today’s time, if you are aspiring to grow, you can’t do the same alone. As an industry aggregator, you have the strength to transform the landscape of any business, but it won’t be possible without your partners and merchants.

Maadhyam Is a win-win solution for you, it enables all your partners and small businesses associated with you for easy access to credit. Ultimately it offers you an unstoppable growth trajectory by financing the businesses which enable your growth too. Industry Aggregates, such as you, with the help of Maadhyam, will create an invaluable support system for their partners by giving them competitive credit rates with numerous options along with knowledge support to choose the best one.

What’s in there for YOU? As your partners grow and scale, you see growth too with the following:

Increased monetization

Increased monetization- Holistic growth ecosystem beneficial for all the partners involved with an added revenue stream in the business portfolio.

Rapid access

Rapid access to credit - Many to many connections with all existing lenders on a single platform at competitive rates for your partners and merchants.

 play- seamless

Plug in play- seamless integration with existing processes resulting in more customer retention, acquisition of new customers, and strengthened customer ties.

Maadhyam for SMEs

As a Small and Mid-Size Enterprise, you may feel hand-tied to grow and scale your business due to a lack of financing and loan options, long credit processing time, inadequate knowledge, collateral, and related information along with not knowing the appropriate medium to go forward with.

Maadhyam is aiming to provide a comprehensive platform that will facilitate faster disbursement of loans among SMEs. The platform aims to bring together the aggregators and lenders who will in turn bring competitive credit rates for the SMEs along with unmatched growth opportunities for you.


More opportunities and avenues for loan sanctions.

More opportunities and avenues for loan sanctions.

Less hassle means  more time for the  business

Zero paperwork required to loan processing.

 Transparent  journey till loan  disbursement.

Connections with all the lenders in one go.

Zero paperwork  required to loan  processing.

Less hassle means more time for the business.

Connections with  all the lenders in  one go.

Transparent journey till loan disbursement.

Zip, Zap, Zoom with Maadhyam

Maadhyam aids the stakeholders (SMEs, Lenders, Aggregators) by providing them with comprehensive functionality that not only enhances the business processes but also user experience. Thus, facilitating growth for all and at all levels.

Real-Time Dashboard<

Real-Time Dashboard

Banks and Aggregators can manage leads from the whitelisted ones to the approved ones and view detailed daily and weekly charts of their credit performance and choose multiple anchors.

Enhanced Portfolio

Enhanced Portfolio

The portfolio provides them with invoice history and collateral details facilitating a 360-degree view of businesses. SMEs can manage multiple types of loans like bill discounting, term loans, BNPL, through the lender portal with minimal documentation.

Lead Management

Lead Management

Managing leads offers a many-to-many connection between the aggregator/lender, thereby eventually making discovery cheaper for all the stakeholders.

Market Campaign

Market Campaign

The comprehensive data available via the platform can help in curating accurate user profiles and marketing campaigns to help lenders run campaigns.

User Profiling

User Profiling

With Maadhyam, you get an option of profiling your internal team for personalized relationship management with different stakeholders.

Maadhyam in action

Maadhyam in action

Technology as a business enabler

Maadhyam is powered by Biz2X - a turnkey global SaaS platform that enables financial institutions across geographies to provide a customized online lending experience for their small and midsize business customers. Maadhyam is a culmination of future-proof technologies like AI, ML, and cloud. While the cognitive abilities of the platform make it easy to build, onboard, and scale, the secured SaaS base helps with its widespread availability across all entities involved. Built for enterprises both large and small, Maadhyam's APIs put community administrators in total control of the proceedings with real-time marketing, analytics, and customizable dashboards.

Maadhyam proudly supports India Stack and leverages Account Aggregator Framework & OCEN

Industry Aggregators- Bridging the credit gap for SMEs in India

SMEs today are one of the largest job providers in the country, dispensing more than 30% of the GDP to our nation, but they struggle to enable credit for themselves. With the advent of technology, a lot of these SMEs have partnered with Aggregators to create larger business opportunities and other focused areas. The FDF Round Table Conference was arranged with the objective to bring Aggregators across industries together, to discuss the data and credit gap in MSME lending leading to practical solutions….

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